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The task titled "Target Reinvention" is informed by the idea that no invention (or technology) is perfect--in this way, it asks students to attend closely to the constraints and affordances associated with various types of technologies. To successfully accomplish this task, student must satisfy three interrelated communicative objectives. They must:  1. re-invent/tweak an existing tool or technology and re-invent a patent for that invention 2.  re-present that item's strengths and limitations for at least two different audiences (and perhaps most importantly) 3. account for the goals they set and the specific choices they made while accomplishing objectives 1 and 2. 

In the piece featured here, the student chose to "take an old parking system and upgrade it [and] to invent other components to make it more user friendly." While her "main goal was to develop something for our campus [she] realized the system could be used for other companies as well." Her re-invented patent takes the form of a press release. She then devised--not two, but four ways of pointing to the system's strengths and limitations, creating a fictitious letter from the mayor, an anonymous suggestion box, an award and brochure.

I recommend viewing images of the project and brochure before reading the rest of the student's statement of goals and choices. I've also provided links here to the press release, award, and a transcript of the comments in the suggestion box. A link to the "Target Reinvention" task sheet students receive also appears below.

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Click here to read the press release (reinvented patent)

Click here to view award

Click here to see transcript of comments in the suggestion box

Click here to read the student's statement of goals and choices

Click here to read the "Target Reinvention" task sheet