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Product Academe is a task designed to trouble the distinctions between individual/social and personal/academic by asking students to reflect on one of more aspects of their student identity as a means of “composing” themselves--that is to say, of creating the packaging for a student doll and marketing that product to peers, parents, bosses or to a prospective instructor. In coming up with the argument they want to make about their student identity, students are encouraged to think about aspects of their student hood that tend to compete with one another for dominance.  The key here has to do with fragmentation and negotiation:  How do seemingly dissimilar or incompatible qualities come together in one body?  How do competing qualities figure in the choices you make as a student?  Which aspects of your student-hood are foregrounded and which are backgrounded depending on the environment you find yourself in?  Students are required to research the moves made by those who design packaging for dolls and to follow and/or modify those moves while creating their work. On the day the doll boxes are due, students must also turn in a statement of goals and choices for their work. Here, they articulate the goals they had for the piece and catalog all the rhetorical and material choices they made while creating their "argument-as-object." Note: The creation of a doll is optional.

I recommend viewing images of a piece titled "Dorothy's Deferred Dreams" before reading the student's statement of goals and choices.

click image right to view roll-over images of the projectlink to view images of dorothy's dreams

Click here to read the student's statement of goals and choices