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The OED task requires students to use the online version of the Oxford English Dictionary to research the history of a word.  Designed to get students thinking about processes of repurposing and amplification—making existing stuff (in this case, dictionary definitions) their own by way of selecting, structuring and re-contextualizing that material—the task requires that OED findings comprise at least three-fourths of their response.

The video piece featured below titled, "Identifying with Olivia Ellen Daniels," is offered as a pilot for a children's television show. As the composer (and star) of the piece explained in the first part of her statement of goals of choices, "Going into this project, I had a clear goal of re-contextualizing the OED entry for 'identify' as a children's television series pilot. At first, I focused on what was familiar and made the most sense to me: the main definitions. . .Reviewing the rest of the data, I quickly found myself to be uncomfortable with handling other parts of the OED--some of it didn't even make sense to me, so how could I possibly make it work in a completely new context? With this in mind, I created the goal of showing some of the content of the OED to be unintelligible, overcomplicated, and useless to the average user of the dictionary. In other words, there is only a certain amount of the OED that the common person can identify with."

I recommend experiencing the video before reading the rest of the student's statement of goals and choices.

click image right to view the video olivia youtube

Click here to read the student's statement of goals and choices