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The OED task requires students to use the online version of the Oxford English Dictionary to research the history of a word.  Designed to get students thinking about processes of repurposing and amplification—making existing stuff (in this case, dictionary definitions) their own by way of selecting, structuring and re-contextualizing that material—the task requires that OED findings comprise at least three-fourths of their response.

"The Media Tree," was created by "Original Evergreen Designs." According to the composer of this "interactive tool," its purpose is to help users "gain a better understanding of the media by showing the relationships between certain mediums depending on their proximity to one another and location on the tree. . .It also provides some very basic history on the remediation of old technologies." The user of the tree physically uncovers the underlying conceptions about media" by removing the paper covering the roots of the tree (relevant definitions are found beneath it) "as well as those who have influence over [defining the media]." In this case, relevant definitions/usages are found beneath the paper covering the trunk. The items hung from the branches of the tree work to show "how those with influence shape the media outlets" while highlighting people involved with its production."

I recommend looking at the images of the media tree and the reading the Media Tree Guide before reading the rest of the student's statement of goals and choices.

click image right to view roll-over of the media treemedia tree media tree

Click here to read the user's guide

Click here to read the student's statement of goals and choices