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Music Day became something of a tradition in my first-year composition courses in the fall of 2002 when, after sharing with students passages from Geoffrey Sirc’s English Composition as a Happening, students expressed interest in learning more about what Geoff’s students did in class.  I relayed my students’ question to Geoff and he shared with us an activity that focused on the rapper Eminem. While reactions to having a class session devoted to Eminem were mixed, the members of the class were excited about having a class session that focused on music instead of on the assigned readings. 

Flash forward.  It’s 2003 and Music Day has morphed, thanks largely to the student featured in “live composition,” into a day devoted to the celebration of “music that’s soooooo bad that it actually manages to become good,” or “(bad) Music Day” for short. 

Click here to see/hear "live composition"