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"Intro to Rhetoric 105" was created in response to a task entitled "a history of 'this' space," a task that allows students to communicate to an audience of their choosing something about who they were, what they did, valued, etc. at a particular point in their college careers.

"Intro" was actually the second history that the creator/editor/producer of this piece did for the course. The first history was a video game collection comprised of three games--one that challenged players to correctly name each of the students enrolled in the class, one that asked players to correctly place students in the desks that they typically sat at throughout the semester, and one that challenged players to maneuver their way from a street on campus into the building and then into our classroom in the fastest time possible.

This second history was created, in part, because the creator/editor/producer recalled (with all due respect) that my attempt to introduce students to the fyc course on the first day of the semester was confusing and more than a little scary. He hoped that his video intro might provide me with another option for orienting future students to the class--one that might be a bit more concise, clearer, and kinda funny as well.

intro to rhet
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