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"Gonna Make You Sweat:
Composing a History of
'this' Space"

A video case study that I began during a digital storytelling workshop held at UMBC May 29-31, 2007.

"Tripping the Decades"

This video, comprised of six short sequences or movements, combines voice-over, text from CCC and film clips from the Prelinger Archive’s ephemeral film collection (
and interprets or enacts select events, issues and questions related to CCCC’s sixty-year history. Of particular interest is the role that writing (as opposed to the uptake of other semiotic resources) has played in that history--and might play in its future.


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“Processing CCCC 2009” documents some of the various processes that we, the three panel presenters, employed as we collaborated on this session throughout its lifespan—from generating ideas for the session, to drafting the proposal, and working toward the creation of the items featured in the session. This process narrative—created with the help of Comic Life--invites participants to imagine new potentials for  the look, sound, feel, and purpose of composing narratives/process studies.

"Processing CCCC 2009: 
Six Decades/Six Ways"

Toward a Composition Made Whole

"The Quackenbos 566 Project"

In 1854 George Payn Quackenbos published his Advanced Course of Composition and Rhetoric: A Series of Practical Lessons. Of particular interest to me is the extensive list of subjects [566 in all] Quackenbos offers readers. While the subject list was clearly intended to be the basis of written (alphabetic) compositions, the list re-presents for me another kind of potential or challenge. My goal with The Quackenbos 566 Project is to try to work through this extensive list of subjects, taking a photograph that responds to each item contained in his subject list.


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mind in society

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Toward a Composition Made Whole (University of Pittsburgh Press, April 2011), provides readers with ways of reworking existing theories of writing, learning, and multimodal production by highlighting the highly distributed, historied, and multimodal aspects of all communicative practice. Drawing on theories of mediated activity, this book situates, describes, and illustrates an innovative approach for theorizing, researching and teaching multimodal composition.

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Inhabiting Dorothy

The "Inhabiting Dorothy" project asks people to take up and inhabit life materials once belonging to someone they have never met.












--select reviews of Toward a Composition Made Whole


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"To Preserve, Digitize, and Project:
On the Process of Composing Other People's Lives"

This video-text, published in Enculturation, is comprised primarily of "found" or second-hand materials. While experiencing the piece, viewers and listeners are encouraged to consider how everything described or seen here could also very well be otherwise.

College Composition and Communication 63:3 (Feb 2012)

Composition Studies 40:2 (Fall 2012)

College English 74:5 (May 2012)

Computers and Composition Online (Fall 2011)


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"Other People's Lives" is a citizen archivist project I began after purchasing, for two dollars, a sizeable collection of negatives at a local yard sale. The project features scans of the images in the collection and details something of my attempts to learn more about the various people and places featured in the collection.

lot of negatives

"Other People's Lives"

a sampling of some not-so-current (but still pretty cool) projects

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