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To learn more about the project and how to contribute, see below.
In the meantime, if you'd like to see what other project participants have done, see my newest video titled "Past, Present, Presence: Inhabiting Dorothy." There is also available for viewing a video that documents some of my processes of composing that video.
[Note: I've provided full versions of both videos. Also available to view are versions of both videos broken down section-by-section.]


In April 2011 I purchased at a local yard sale six cardboard boxes filled with scrapbooks, travel diaries, photo albums, and other life materials once belonging to a (now-deceased) couple
named Dorothy and Fred.

While I've spent time "inhabiting" and reflecting upon these strangers' materials in conference presentations and pieces of video scholarship, I am curious to learn how others might choose to
inhabit and respond to some of these traces of lives led--traces that
Dorothy and Fred left behind.

The "Inhabiting Dorothy" project is inspired, in part, by projects where people revisit, re-stage, or reenact images of themselves taken at an earlier point in time. Unlike those projects, however, this one asks people to recreate, respond to, or otherwise attempt to inhabit images belonging to people they have never met.

My hope with the project is to recruit participants who are
willing to temporarily "inhabit" some of these rich life materials--particularly so, images taken from Dorothy's collections of scrapbooks and written text contained in her numerous travel diaries--either by voicing some of Dorothy's written texts
or by recreating some of the images found in the collection.

I have posted to Flickr select images taken from Dorothy's
collections of scrapbooks and photo albums.
If you are interested in participating in this project,
choose one (or more) of the images, recreate it, and
send it to me via the contact link below.

NOTE: Participants need not be concerned with recreating the
image "as is." Rather, one might re-interpret the image and/or respond to select elements of an image--a pose, a gesture,
a caption, an emotion, an article of clothing, a setting, and so on.
Otherwise put, the end-product may attempt to replicate the
source material or it may attempt to reinvent it, update it, etc.

If you have any questions or need more information,
please contact me.




image of me holding dorothy's picture over my face

The "Inhabiting Dorothy" project